Access Land in Wiltshire

General information

There are a substantial number of parcels of Open Country in Wiltshire. They are listed in the tables below. Just because the area is listed in the table, however, does not mean that there is general access to it for a number of reasons, including:

Other areas which have permissive access ( eg much Forestry Commission land, and land with access established by Defra) are included in the tables where possible.

Where is the Access Land?

The  Access Land in Wiltshire in shown in five tables – these are:

West Wiltshire

Swindon Borough

North Wiltshire


Salisbury ( South Wilts ) District

If you believe that any of the details in these tables are wrong please email quoting the relevant identifier ( ie WAL or WPL number). If you believe that an area of access land has not been included, please identify it by quoting the OS grid reference of its center.

Important Notes

Click on the area above to see the table. Each table lists the parcels of access land, and in many cases describes the rights of way that abut or cross the access land. However, please note that in some cases a right of way may be adjacent to the access land, but not allow access to it – for example a footpath may run alongside access land, but a fence or hedge, without stile or gate,  may separate the footpath from the land. Wiltshire County Council is working to eliminate these circumstances but this will be a long term process.

Also shown in the table are: